What is the Right Blog Images Size?

How big should blog images be? The Internet is a visual place and high quality images is the best way to make your blog stand out from the rest of the articles. Knowing what image you should use ensures that they appear crisp on your website – without slowing down your website. It also ensures that they appear on all browsers and mobile devices. Get your images to span the width of your page to make it cleaner than having them in different sizes.

There is no right blog images sizes. You just have to base it on your blog content width. For instance, your blog content are is 690 pixels wide. Don’t size your image larger than 690 pixels because it will only be shrunk when shown on screen. Also, keep in mind that there is no concept of per inch in web layout. This means that DPI (dot per inch) and PPI (pixel per inch) are not relevant when editing your blog images.

So, how will you find your blog’s optimal image size? The easiest way is to figure out your post column width and then double it. Retina screens have a higher resolution. Doubling your post column width ensures that your blog images look sharp even for those using retina screens. To find out your post column width, open your Chrome browser. On the upper right corner, you will see three dots. Click it and scroll down to More Tools, then click Developer Tools.


Once you’re in the Developer Tools, click the icon on the top left hand corner to select an element to inspect. Hover over an element in your webpage to see the dimensions. The first number is the width. Write the number down and multiply it by two. That’s your optimal image size. If you had someone design your site or if you bought a template, you will find documentation about the column there. For featured blog image, the safest size would be 600 pixels wide and 900 pixels tall.